EpicPong24 – [2h30] We (almost) have a pong!

Hey, first update, 2h30 In.

I have basic pong working. It took me a while because I create all the wall, pad and ball from script. This will allow me for more control later on.

I decided to use Unity’s rigidbody physics to simplify the process. I’m not yet sure if it is a good decision. It bring some problem. For example, the ball angle won’t change depending on where it hit the pad, this isn’t how physic work. However, this is how pong work and it give more control to the player. I’ll have to find a way to make this work.

AI jitter a bit. I’ll have to make it look smoother. I will also need to add movement limit for pads.

Something else that gave me trouble is the bounciness. It is the first time I use any materials. I tweaked it to work as I want but we’ll see. Anyway, here are the updated links :

EpicPong24 Repository on GitHub

EpicPong24 WebPlayer

[2h30] - Basic Movements


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