EpicPong24 – [24h00] Project Finished!

I finished the project! It has been a long 24h but I’m really happy with the result. Here are some notes about the game and learning lessons from this project :

Game :

  • There are currently 6 Level. Each time you finish a level, you get some EXP point. You can do a level over and over.
  • You can use EXP to buy paddle size, speed and more life. Cost are exponential thought.
  • Saddly, I didn’t have time to implement level unlock(i.e, lvl 2 is unlocked after finishing lvl1). I also didn’t have time to show the EXP reiceved after you won a game.
  • The pink trail renderer is pretty ugly. I didn’t have time to learn how to make it better but decided to let it like that.
  • There are a couple of level design I didn’t have the time to try. I built the last 3 level under 20 minutes. I also want to experiment adding more balls and more AI paddle (I.e : Need to beat 3 different paddle in their own small part of the level to win it). Those two will need a bit of modification on the AI.
  • I slept 4h tonight and woke up 1h30 before the end. It’s incredible how of a difference polishing can do. I added a lot of small things in the 1h30 and game is pretty decent now.


  • I need to centralize my datas more than I do. I tried to do it in the end with LevelManager.
  • I put all my script on __GameManager’s GameObject and it is getting confusing. I should put more script on the respective GameObject.
  • OnCollisionEnter and OnTriggerEnter are two functions I need to study more. I understand how they differ now but I’ll have to play with it a bit to understand how to make it work perfectly(i.e : Need rigidbody, collision working or not, ect…)
  • Next time, I’ll take the first hour to define class structures to avoid it getting all messed up. I think it is pretty good now. Some things could definitly be better, but I felt like things were encapsulated and I could modify thing locally pretty easily.

Links : 

EpicPong24 Repository on GitHub

EpicPong24 WebPlayer

[24h] - Menu

Fig1 – In-Game menu

[24h] - In-Game

FIG2 – In-Game Level 6


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