Dungeon Grind – Procedural Dungeon Generation Tutorial

I decided to work on tutorials that explain how are generated the dungeon in my game, Dungeon Grind. The algorithm could be improved at various places and I still get some bugs(missing wall in some case) but it get the jobs done. I’ll update the post whenever i fix any bugs. Here is an example of a randomly generated dungeon with a size of 500×500.

Dungeon 500x500

Generated dungeon of size 500×500

The algorithm will be explained in greater detail in the following post.
Part 1 – Create squares
Part 2 – Find Rooms
Part 3 – Add Corridors
Part 4 – Evaluate walls to build (WIP)
Part 5 – Instantiate walls (WIP)

The basic idea can be understood with this graphic :

PDG Step by step graphic

Step-by-step tutorial for Procedurally generated dungeon


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