Dungeon Grind – Update and a video!

I spent a lot of time working on Dungeon Grind this week. The main thing I added was the ability to save building you’ve created and to move or delete them afterward. The hammer is now the tool that allow to do this by right clicking. Also, it is now impossible to place a building if it is colliding. It will turn to red until it turn back green when it is in a free position. I also updated the quest from the Spartan in the village to fit with the previous updates.

The GUI in the current game is pretty ugly and doesn’t scale with window size. I tried to avoid spending much time on the GUI knowing I would eventually redo it with NGUI. Well I bought it from the asset store! I’ll make a total rework of the GUI that will scale with size and be much more efficient to use. I also have a better knowledge of what I want to be in my GUI, something I didn’t know when I started to work on it.

I also took some time to make a video to show the current state of the project. This will be useful to show feature and will be a good reference as the project evolve. Again, my video-editing skill are lacking and I am working on getting better result on the video. Consider that intro/texts are placeholder for now! Here is the video :

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