Dungeon Grind – Quest and NGUI

With the basic mechanics implemented in the game, I realized player wouldn’t really know what to do when entering the game. I decided to update the Quest system to give user goals. I refactored a lot of code to improve the quest system and  I am really happy with the result. The quest mechanic will be much easier to maintain and scale. This also allowed me to try NGUI  by implementing an icon representing the state of a mission over the head of an NPC.

Three states of NPC from start to finish of a quest.

NPC – New Quest, Pending Quest, Quest Finished

This mechanic will be used for the main quest line. There are currently 5 quest that require tasks in the camp and in the dungeon. There are also secondary missions that can be obtained from different source and are completed automatically upon reaching the requirements.

Confident from my previous success with NGUI, I started to implement it for the in-game menu. It took me a while to get used to NGUI workflow and find a menu implementation I liked while maintaining my ancient GUI for testing purpose, but it works well now. Once all menu will be implement with NGUI, I’ll remove all the ancient interface that rely on OnGUI.

Here are examples of interface updated from OnGUI to NGUI. :

Comparaison of starting menu

New Game : OnGUI (Left) + NGUI (Right)

Comparaison of Skil List

Skill List : OnGUI (Left) + NGUI (Right)

Comparison of Mission Log

Mission Log : OnGUI (Left) + NGUI (Right)

Lastly, I implemented GameAnalytics in my game. This asset makes it easy to receive information from players trying the games out. I’m still figuring which data I want to receive and when, but I’m currently using this to receive an event everytime a quest is unlocked and finished. This will allow me to see when the player stop doing the quest. I also set it to send a lot of information when a game is Saved. I receive the number of monster killed for each monster type, the level of skills and number of building created. Once I’ll have a better setup and received more information, I’ll share more information on the devblog.

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