One Game Per Day – Day5

Here we are the last day of the 5 game in 5 day. I decided to go for something bigger for this last game.  Sadly, I didn’t come up with a good gameplay. I wanted to  put a good 3-4 more hours of work, but I fell asleep. Duh. So what I have is a prototype for a game, consider it a tech demo. I would like to make a survival game in this environment based on energy and resource management.

Day 5 – HexLife

Look at the sun and moon rise in the sun on this 3D Hex world!

Look at the sun and moon rise in the sun on this 3D Hex world!

Play HexLife!! – WebPlayer

(* You can enter the world and move around while looking at sun/moon moving but there isn’t real gameplay in it yet)

Idea :

For this game, I wanted to use the Grids plugin to create a 3D world. This was the first core mechanic of the game. I decided to make it a survival game where you have to move around gathering food and resources to make your camp. Howevery, I spent most of the time on the environment/world generation/interface and couldn’t tie it up with the game play in time.

How I did it :

The 3D world is generated by a Perlin Noise image. It wouldn’t be too hard to implement my own perlin algorithm to have a new random map everygame. I created a sun and made them turn around the world.

I imported my TimeSystem class from my Day3’s Game DigDeepInc and used the same minute system for simulation purpose. Every minute, the game reduce the food value of the player. If he has no more food, he start to lose health and would eventually die at 0.

Every minute, the new sun/moon position are calculated and the temperature/light world of the light are calculated with sin and cos (Note that current model is off, the  number in the screen doesn’t really make sense)

Lesson learned :

  • Again, Grids is an awesome plugin. Bringing my tile system in 3D hasn’t been too hard and I want to keep improving with it.
  • I wanted the game environment to feel real even with the hexagonal blocks. I spent a while playing with lights/skybox and flares to give a good feeling. I enjoy the result and definitly learn how to work with those unity’s tool.

What’s Left :

There is a lot left in this game. I would like to make a realistic life simulation out of it. Light and temperature models would need improvement. I would see other models added such as winds and clouds.

I also need to add gatherable ressources. Be able to make building with the ressources(i.e fire to keep own player temperature). Make the player’s temperature change according to the outside temperature.

Conclusion :

I thought too big for this game and it shows. Maybe not falling asleep and putting 3-4 more hours would’ve make something better but that’s what happened.

All in all, this is still a protoype. Playing in the world give an idea of what it could be. I wished my last game would’ve been better but well, I went big and it didn’t pay off! I’ll definitly come back and give a second day of work to this game and see where I could bring it to.


2 thoughts on “One Game Per Day – Day5

  1. Well done on completing the five prototypes!

    The hex columns combined with the other environment elements definitely gives it a very eerie atmosphere; it could be a great setting for a game.

    I hope this was a worthwhile experience for you, and your future games will benefit as a result! (Maybe already during the GGJ?)

    • I’m already registered to my local GGJ and this rapid game prototyping experience will definitely be valuable for it.

      I learned a lot from it and decided to keep making new game daily.

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