Dungeon Grind

Dungeon Grind is a game I’ve been working on since the start of October 2013. It’s in an early phase but I still enjoy getting feedback on it. The game is highly focused on fighting in procedurally generated dungeon while increasing skill that you use the most.

Try It!!

Dungeon Grind WebPlayer
Dungeon Grind Client

Gameplay Video

Here is a quickly-edited video showing the current feature of the game. I’ll do a proper version when I’ll have updated NGUI, something I’m working on right now!


The game resolve around a dungeon that you can enter to fight monster. You can choose dungeon level and difficulties to get stronger enemy as your character grow. The dungeon is procedurally generated with random placement of monster. The more you fight, the stronger you get. There are no overall level, but different things are leveling. For each spell, you can select if you want to level the damage, the cooldown or the mana cost while using it. You also have different skill like woodcutting, fighter or ice mage that level. Last addition to the game has been a level system for your weapon!

There is also a building and crafting system implemented but those need a rework. To craft weapon, build a Crafting Table and use it. The next image is an example of procedurally generated dungeon. There are different spider in the dungeon and the player is the white capsule. Green line represent path taken by spider that are attacking the player.

Procedurally generated dungeon level 8

Procedurally generated dungeon level 8

And here’s an example of what the game looks like from the player perspective :

Spider BBQ!

FireBat spell used on spiders while being cornered

This infographic present how I handled procedural dungeon generation.

PDG Step by step graphic




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