Versions Log


 09 December 2013 – v0.395

  • Added lots of new building to be used by the player
  • Fixed some bug with the Building NGUI interface but it still needs some works to be fully functional

 30 November 2013 – v0.39

  • Updated the building interface with NGUI and added different building category
  • Updated the dungeon generation and added verifications to reduce the number of wrong dungeon generated. Dungeon is now regenerated if there are rooms that are not connected or there are open walls. There are still lots of work to do on the dungeon generation but I’m working on other part of the game mainly right now.
  • Updated information displayed when loading a previous game, such as the current and the saved version
  • A lot of commenting and refactoring has been done to have a cleaner code that will be easier to maintain/scale.

 18 November 2013 – v0.38

  • Refactored a lot of code to have a more robust task/quest system.
  • Added the Main Quest line that work with the Spartan NPC. Side/optional missions are supported by the task system but not implemented yet
  • Updated the Skill interface to use NGUI instead of Unity built-in GUI

 15 November 2013 – v0.37

  • Started to implement the new NGUI interface
  • Updated the Task interface to use NGUI instead of Unity built-in GUI
  • Added a display over the head of NPC to see the current status of a quest

 12 November 2013 – v0.35

  • Added GameAnalytics to tracks information such as quest, monster kills and player level.
  • Added a new model for the hammer

 11 November 2013 – v0.3 

  • Building now save!
  • Hammer can be used to construct(Left click) or modify building created by the player(Right click)
  • New control added to the building mechanic : Rotate(Q/E), Distance(R/F), Delete(Z)
  • Monster now have colliders and now collide together
  • Fixed the bug with monster going through walls
  • Fixed some bugs that lead to transparent walls in the dungeon.

 27 Octobre 2013 – v0.25 

  • Inventory now save
  • Item have speed/damage/range and can be leveled by fighting to increase its stats
  • A map system! It could still be upgrade but it’s better than nothing!
  • Some more balancing, but new item system will need another round of balancing

 25 Octobre 2013 – v0.2 

  • 3 New monster and added some environment in dungeons
  • Updated the Dungeon screen. Now with Dungeon Upgrade!
  • Hardcore mode in Dungeon
  • Balancing

 23 Octobre 2013 – v0.1 

  • Procedurally Generated Dungeon
  • 20 Levels with 3 Monster
  • 2 Spells (IceBolt and FireBat)
  • 7 Skills
  • Basic building and crafting system
  • Save/Load system

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